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Solar charge your 12 Volt battery anywhere the sun shines! Perfect for RVs, boats, off-grid cottages and back-up power. Prolongs battery life, saves money, reduces fuel consumption, minimizes emissions and noise, and provides greater freedom and independence from the electrical grid.


Up to 55 Ah (700 Wh) per day on a sunny summer day!*

Average Energy Production = 40-45 Ah per day (Apr - Oct)

Average Energy Production = 30-35 Ah per day (all year)


*Maximum Energy Production in Canada = 55 Ah @ 12 VDC (optimal conditions with MPPT charge controller in Calgary, AB)



☀ Pre-engineered with industry leading components to simplify design and installation so you can focus on soaking up the sun.

☀ Includes everything needed to charge a 12 V battery with the sun

☀ Variety of solar panel options - rigid, folding, flexible

☀ Variety of solar charge controller options - PWM, MPPT

☀ Bluetooth monitoring app (for MPPT controller only)

☀ (Optional) Bluetooth battery monitor for monitoring battery parameters, state of charge, energy production and consumption.

☀ Multiple configurations available to suit a variety of budgets and applications.

☀ Available as a pre-wired assembly for plug-and-play operation



- 100 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel (rigid, folding or flexible)

- Solar Charge Controller (PWM or MPPT)

- 20 feet (6 m) Solar Cable Pair with MC4 Solar Panel Connectors

- 6 feet (2 m) Battery Cable Pair with Battery Lugs and Fuse

- Solar Panel Flush Mount Kit

- (Optional) Bluetooth Battery Monitor


Customize Your Kit

Design the system you want using the pull-down menus above. All components and configurations have been pre-engineered to ensure compatibility and are described in more detail below. 


Solar Charge Controller Options:

- PWM (most economical, not compatible with Lithium batteries)

- MPPT with bluetooth monitoring app (most efficient, up to 30% more efficient than PWM = more power from your solar panel)


The solar charge contoller is used to convert power from the solar panel to the correct amperage and voltage for charging the battery.


PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) controllers are very economical but less efficient than MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) controllers which can improve efficiency by up to 30% and achieve overall conversion efficiecies up to 99%. This means you can get up to 30% more power from your solar panel using MPPT versus PWM.


The MPPT Charge Controller also includes a bluetooth monitoring app to visualize and control battery charging with your smart phone.


Solar Panel Options:

100 Watt Rigid Solar Panel (most economical)

100 Watt Flexible Solar Panel (most flexible and lightweight)

100 Watt Folding Solar Panel (most portable & easy to use)


Rigid solar panels are best for permanent installations and can be secured to a mounting surface (e.g. roof) with the included mount kit.


Folding solar panels are best for portability if you want to regularly move, relocate or re-position your solar panels. They include a folding tilt-up stand (no mount kit required!).


Flexible solar panels are best for permanent, low-profile installations and can be mounted on flat or gently curved surfaces using professional adhesives or the reinforced eyelets.


Battery Monitor (optional):

This is a great device to keep an eye on the state of charge of your battery using your smart phone. It also allows you to monitor and control all battery parameters, historical data, and view energy production and consumption including estimated time remaining at current rate of discharge. 



Bluetooth App Only (no LCD display). Choose this option for viewing via your smart phone only.

Panel Mount LCD Display with Bluetooth App - includes programmable relay (e.g. for auto-generator start) and programmable audible alarm (e.g. low battery alarm). Choose this option if you want a traditional display screen (with Bluetooth app) plus programmable relay and alarm functionality.


Solar PV Cable & Connectors

The included pair of red and black PV cable is designed specifically for solar applications with UV resistant insulation. They are supplied with pre-installed MC4 connectors for easy connection to the solar panels.


Custom lengths and connectors available upon request.


Battery Cables & Connectors

The pair of battery cables come pre-wired with inline fuse and and pre-crimped with battery lugs for secure connection to all standard deep cycle lead acid, AGM, VRLA, and lithium ion batteries.


Custom lengths and connectors available upon request.


Solar Panel Flush Mount Kit (rigid solar panel only)

All hardware for flush mounting a rigid solar panel are included:

- 4 x aluminum alloy mounting brackets

- 8 x self drilling screws (to secure brackets to roof/surface)

- 4 x stainless steel bolts and washers (to secure solar panel to brackets)


Questions? Call, message or email us. We are here to help!

100W Solar Battery Charger Kit for RVs, Boats, Cottages, 12V

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