Solar charge your 12 Volt battery anywhere the sun shines! Perfect for RVs, boats, off-grid cottages and back-up power. Prolongs battery life, saves money, reduces fuel consumption, minimizes emissions and noise, and provides greater freedom and independence from the electrical grid.


Up to 55 Ah (700 Wh) per day on a sunny summer day!*

Average Energy Production = 40-45 Ah per day (Apr - Oct)

Average Energy Production = 30-35 Ah per day (all year)


*Maximum Energy Production in Canada = 55 Ah @ 12 VDC (optimal conditions with MPPT charge controller in Calgary, AB)



☀ Pre-engineered with industry leading components to simplify design and installation so you can focus on soaking up the sun.

☀ Includes everything needed to charge a 12 V battery with the sun

☀ Variety of solar panel options - rigid, folding, flexible

☀ Variety of solar charge controller options - PWM, MPPT

☀ Bluetooth monitoring app (for MPPT controller only)

☀ (Optional) Bluetooth battery monitor for monitoring battery parameters, state of charge, energy production and consumption.

☀ Multiple configurations available to suit a variety of budgets and applications.

☀ Available as a