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We, Alto Solar Inc., do NOT sell any products on Amazon.


We are Alto Solar Inc., a solar company based in Nova Scotia, Canada. There is another foreign company selling products on Amazon with a similar but different name (note closely the spelling) that has FALSELY and DEVIOUSLY used our contact information on Amazon to avoid responsibility for their products.


Unfortunately, we regularly receive emails, calls and complaints from their customers, and we are not aware of any customer support or contact information for that company. We have reported this to Amazon but they have not yet removed the seller nor our contact information to properly address this violation of privacy and trust.


If you are having issues with a product purchased from Amazon please report directly to Amazon. We also encourage you to leave negative feedback as warranted in order to ban the seller as we are having difficultly getting Amazon to remove our contact information from their webpage, or do anything about the situation.


Once again - we do NOT and have NEVER sold any products on Amazon.

That said, we do sell custom solar charging kits and solar generators for producing AC power and DC power, and we actually have customer support for products purchased directly from us. All of our products are available from Alto Solar Inc. directly and can be viewed on our website -

Thank you,

Alto Solar Inc.

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