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  • Is it worth it to go solar?
    Yes! Solar makes sense for many reasons - environmental, economical and energy independence are all great reasons for going solar. In fact, solar has been growing faster than any other energy generation source in the world, so much so that in 2019 solar accounted for almost 50% of the world's newly added power generation capacity. For off-grid adventures, solar is often the most practical option for power and devices like solar chargers and generators have become surprisingly compact and portable thanks to advances in technology. For homeowners and businesses, a solar system can typically pay for itself within 5 to 15 years (depending on rebates and solar exposure) and easily save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the system (and much more for commercial systems). For owners of RVs, boats and off-grid homes / cottages / villas, solar can drastically improve enjoyment of nature with silent power and reduce (or eliminate) generator noise, fumes and maintenance. Economically, the cost is competitive with conventional fossil fuel generators over the life of the system, not to mention the reduction in emissions - zero!
  • Can Alto Solar help design my system?
    Yes! We specialize in solar products and systems of all shapes and sizes for on-grid, off-grid, portable and hybrid applications. We design, build and ship complete plug-and-play systems, we can provide DIY solar kits (for you to install), or we can help you identify the best components for your needs. Whatever your solar needs - complete systems or individual components - we have you covered.
  • What is your warranty and return policy?
    We stand behind all of our products and systems and use only the highest quality components. We understand that going solar should make life cleaner and simpler and we do our utmost to ensure our customers are satisfied. 30 Day Easy Return Policy - if you are not satisfied with a product, return it within 30 days in it's original condition and packaging for a full refund. For individual product warranties, please inquire.
  • I am interested in solar but don't know where to start?
    Call us or send us a message - that's what we are here for! We can offer everything from a solar phone charger that fits in your bag to turn-key solar installations for your RV, home, business, boat, or community. The possibilities are endless but we will simplify the process and find the perfect fit for you.
  • When will my order arrive?
    We strive to ship orders within 1 to 2 business days. How long it takes to get to you depends where you are located. If you have a tight timeline and need to know exact shipping details please contact us and we will do our best to ensure your order arrives when you need it. Shipping Estimates: Canada - 2 to 6 business days USA - 2 to 10 business days International - 5 to 20 business days (air), 30 to 90 days (ocean)
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