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Off-Grid Solar Power Solutions

From road-tripping to off-grid living to boat voyages, and beyond
(Pick up available in Halifax, Nova Scotia)

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RVs & Campers

Image by Petr Slováček

Cabins & Cottages

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Boats & Yachts

Solar Powered Portable Generators

Don't let their size fool you - our solar generators pack a powerful punch!

With multiple outlets and battery storage options, they can power essential electronics and appliances like laptops, lights, refrigerators, mobile phones, etc.

Enjoying Sunset

Solar Powered Generator Kits

One of the biggest benefits of our solar generator kits is their versatility.
Whether you're embarking on a road trip, boat voyage or looking for a stationary off-grid solution, these systems can be easily integrated into a wide variety of applications and expanded as your needs grow

2kW Alto Solar.png

Ideal for sailboats, RVs, cabins, off-grid events, or emergency backup power

3kW Alto Solar.png

Perfect for off-grid power, with or without a

generator or shore power

4kW Alto Solar.png

Ease of mind for more power, with or without a

generator or shore power

Your Generator Kit

Meet your off-grid energy needs with a tailor-made solar generator kit designed just for you.

Image by Roadpass

Solar Charge Your Battery 

Charge your 12-volt battery anywhere the sun shines!

Select a solar panel below and use the pull down menu to add a Solar Battery Charger Kit* for solar charging your 12V battery (additional cost)

*Solar Battery Charger Kits include solar panel(s), solar charge controller (PWM or MPPT), solar cables with connectors, battery cables with pre-crimped lugs / clips, and circuit protection

Your Charger Kit

Meet your off-grid energy needs with a tailor-made solar battery charger kit designed just for you.


Solar Hybrid Motorhome

1 kW Solar + 5 kWh Lithium Battery Storage

"Alto Solar helped me set up my motorhome for a 4-month trip across the US. We wanted to spend time away from the grid and enjoy the vast outdoor spaces without having any power concerns. Alto Solar spent time understanding our motorhome and what products were most recommended for this type of application to design a robust and easy-to-use system that had conveniences like mobile app-based monitoring. Over the course of the trip, I had a few questions along the way, and they provided detailed answers, helping me well after installation. Alto Solar backs up its installs and uses quality products. Buy with confidence."

- Rob C.

alto solar testimonial.webp
Alto_Solar_2021 - 2.jpg

Solar Hybrid Motorhome

1.36 kW Solar + 5.6 kWh Lithium Battery Storage

"Tomi did an excellent job setting up our RV with our entire solar rig, explaining in easy detail how the whole setup worked and quickly responding to follow-up questions I thought of later down the road. I would easily recommend Tomi to anyone wishing to install solar on their RV or residence. Great guy and very personable to chat with."

- Wandering Sailor (Rich W.)


Solar Hybrid Sailing Yacht

 750 W Solar + 5.6 kWh Lithium Battery Storage

"Alto solar met and exceeded our expectations and outcomes with our solar design projects(s). Knowledgeable and experienced in all things solar electrical, Tomi demonstrated a deep sense of pride in his hands-on customer service approach. Highest recommendation."

- Popaye Garner

Hybrid Electric Motor Yacht

 20 kW AC + 20 kWh Lithium Battery Storage

"Tomi of Alto Solar used his marine experience to design, supply, install and commission a new electrical system for my yacht.

The system included 3 power sources (shore power and 2 generators), 19kWhs of lithium batteries and inverters to supply 20 kWs of 120/240 power to run the entire yacht.
The system included conservative design, quality materials and good documentation. It was a BIG job! Tomi did a great job."

- Tim S.


Solar Hybrid Off-Grid Home

4.45 kW Solar + 10.65 kWh Lithium Battery + Back-up Generator 

"Tomi was amazing to deal with and really knows his stuff, I will use him again and highly recommend him for anything related to solar technology."

- Shawn C.

Off Grid Cottage 2.jpg

Need MORE solar?

We Design Solar Battery Systems for All Applications


Contact us for details or check out our other pages

Solar Resort 1

100% Solar Powered Off-Grid Eco-Resort
Alto Solar Inc. was contracted to design the solar battery systems for Ki'ama Bahamas

Solar Farm + Micro-Grid
280 kW Solar + 600 kWh Lithium Battery

28 Luxury Villas
55 kW Solar + 170 kWh Lithium Battery
(per Villa)

Beach Club
80 kW Solar + 500 kWh Lithium Battery

Welcome Center / Dock House
40 kW Solar + 150 kWh Lithium Battery

Solar Resort 2

Receive Guidance From A Solar Expert

Your power consumption and space limitations may differ, so working directly with our team for proper sizing is best. Complete the form below and we will reply with a customized solution according to your solar requirements.

Tell Us Your Solar Needs

Answer these questions to help us determine the best solar solutions for you.

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