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Local, Experienced, Professional


At Alto Solar, we design and install top-quality solar PV systems tailored to your home's unique needs.


Locally owned and operated, our highly experienced engineering and installation team is dedicated to providing exceptional attention to detail and ensuring that your home receives the best possible care.  


Maximize your return on investment for years to come with Alto Solar and enjoy peace of mind backed by decades of solar experience.

"How Much Can I Save With Home Solar?"

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16.12 kW Grid-Tied Solar PV System

Micro-Inverters + String Inverter + Dual-Lug Meter Base

"Alto Solar was excellent. Very professional, showed up on time, kept site clean, used A1 gear. A highly reliable solar contractor. Install was a little complicated too - 17 kw and it had both a string inverter and micro inverters. Our power bill has gone from over $3800 annually to less than $50/month."


Alto_Solar_Home_Solar_Systems - 6.jpeg
Alto_Solar_Home_Solar_Systems - 1.jpeg

8.6 kW Grid-Tied Solar PV System

"Alto Solar - Tomi and his team are top notch to work with. Professional, transparent, and competent - highly recommended!"

- Aaron M.

Alto_Solar_Home_Solar_Systems - 12.jpeg

Hybrid Off-Grid Solar Home

4.45 kW Solar + 10.65 kWh Lithium Battery + Back-up Generator 

"Tomi was amazing to deal with and really knows his stuff, I will use him again and highly recommend him for anything related to solar technology."

- Shawn C.

7.735 kW Grid-Tied Solar PV System

"If you're considering installing solar, look no further than Alto Solar! When we began the process, we were overwhelmed by the confusing information online regarding the installation procedure and the complexities of grants and loans. Upon reaching out to Tomi at Alto Solar, he patiently guided us through the entire process, clarifying every question we had. Tomi's service from the beginning to the end surpassed our expectations. We are thrilled with the outcome of the project. Tomi maintained excellent communication regarding timelines and necessary steps, promptly responding to texts. What we initially thought would be a stressful project turned into a smooth and hassle-free experience. We cannot express enough praise for Tomi and Alto, assuring you that choosing him for your solar needs will not disappoint. Thanks, Tomi!"

- Joel and Chris K.

Alto_Solar_Home_Solar_Systems - 10.jpeg

17.2 kW Grid-Tied Solar PV System

"We decided on Alto Solar for our solar installation after obtaining quotes from many companies and never regretted our choice. Tomi was excellent to deal with through the entire process {....} They never tried to sell me a bunch of stuff I didn't need, (like alot of the other companies did) I never waited for answers to texts, emails or even calls. He always got back to me in a timely manner with the info we requested. Their pricing was very competitive, their work was very clean and the paperwork was easy. I highly recommend you give them a call if solar is something you're considering! Thanks Tomi!"

- Jason H.

Alto_Solar_Home_Solar_Systems - 3.jpeg
Alto_Solar_Home_Solar_Systems - 5.jpeg

11.57 kW Grid-Tied Solar PV System

"We decided to get our rooftop solar power installation done by Alto Solar, after a strong recommendation from a colleague – and also after talking to several other local companies. The year of our solar panel installation, 2022, was a challenging one for solar panel installation because of component availability issues. Throughout the process, however, Tom Allen was always good to deal with. He is very knowledgeable, honest and transparent. He never tried to push us in any particular direction, just offered us component options and a good appraisal of the pros and cons. He responded to email and phone queries promptly. His installation team was polite and competent, and work occurred on time. The cost was competitive with other companies {....} I highly recommend Alto Solar for the installation."

- Paul B.


10 kW Grid-Tied Solar PV System

"Alto Solar was just the right blend of informative and accommodating. The 10 kW home solar project went off without a hitch and the system is performing as advertised. I would highly recommend them!"

- Kris A.

Need battery back-up?

We Design Solar Battery Systems for All Applications


Contact us for details or check out our other pages

Solar Resort 1

100% Solar Powered Off-Grid Eco-Resort
Alto Solar Inc. was contracted to design the solar battery systems for Ki'ama Bahamas

Solar Farm + Micro-Grid
280 kW Solar + 600 kWh Lithium Battery

28 Luxury Villas
55 kW Solar + 170 kWh Lithium Battery
(per Villa)

Beach Club
80 kW Solar + 500 kWh Lithium Battery

Welcome Center / Dock House
40 kW Solar + 150 kWh Lithium Battery

Solar Resort 2


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