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Solar power your RV, cottage, boat, pop-up shop, off-grid adventure or event with Alto Solar's pre-engineered Hybrid Solar Generator Kit. The ASG3000 is ideal for off-grid and emergency back-up power and can also be used to "boost" external AC sources.


Includes everything you need to harvest eternally free sunshine for a sustainable lifestyle that saves money, reduces emissions, minimizes fuel consumption and noise from generators, and provides greater freedom and independence from the electrical grid.



- 3000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter Charger (6000W surge!), 120 VAC @ 60 Hz

- Up to 1800 Watts of Monocrystalline Solar Panels (customizable).

- Up to 500 Ah (6.4 kWh) 24V Lithium-Ion Battery Bank (customizable).

- MPPT Solar Charge Controller with Bluetooth Monitoring App

- 20 feet (6 m) Solar Cable Pair with MC4 Solar Panel Connectors

- 6 feet (2 m) Battery Cable Pair with Battery Lugs and Fuse

- Inverter Cables with Battery Lugs and Fuse

- Battery Interconnect Cables (if applicable)

- Battery Switch & Solar Breaker Switch

- Heavy Duty Solar Panel Flush Mount Kit



☀ Pre-engineered with industry leading components to simplify design and installation.

☀ 25-year solar panel performance warranty.

☀ Lightweight 24V lithium-ion battery bank.

☀ MPPT charge controller with up to 98% efficiency!

☀ Heavy duty solar panel mount kit engineered for extreme durability and minimal roof penetrations.

☀ Available as a pre-wired assembly for plug-and-play operation (inquire for details)


Customize Your Kit

Design the system you want using the pull-down menus above. All components and configurations have been pre-engineered to ensure compatibility and are described in more detail below. 


Solar Panel Options

Contact us for the best combination of solar panels for you.


- Up to 4 x 340W Monocrystalline Solar Panel 

- Up to 4 x 445W Monocrystalline Solar Panel 


Solar Panel Dimensions:

340W: 1700 x 992 x 35 mm (66.9 x 39.1 x 1.38 in)

445W: 2094 X 1038 X 35 mm (82.4 X 40.9 X 1.38 in)


24V Lithium Ion Battery Bank

Alto Solar uses the safest lithium cell chemistry (LiFePO4) and true deep-cycle batteries for a long, maintenance free life (3750 cycles at 80% DOD, more if discharged less). 



2 x 100Ah, 12V Lithium-ion Battery (2.56 kWh total)

2 x 250Ah, 12V Lithium-ion Battery (6.4 kWh total)


Hybrid Inverter-Charger With "Load Support"

The Hybrid Inverter-Charger features a pure sine wave inverter, 70A battery charger and "Load Support" function that can be used to boost external AC sources (e.g. the grid or generator) with power from the batteries to prevent overload of a limited AC source. 


It also allows for intelligent and efficient use of energy resources by prioritizing solar vs the grid vs generator, as you wish (e.g. maximize solar output, minimize generator run time). 


Solar Charge Controller

The MPPT charge controller converts power from the solar panel to the correct amperage and voltage for charging the battery (up to 30% more efficient than PWM chargers = more energy from your solar panels!).


Includes bluetooth monitoring to visualize and control battery charging with your smart phone and battery, and battery temperature sensor for optimal charging and prolonged battery life.


Bluetooth Battery Monitor (included)

This is a great device to keep an eye on the state of charge of your battery using your smart phone. It also allows you to monitor and control all battery parameters using your smart phone. 


Solar PV Cable & Connectors

The included pair of red and black PV cable is designed specifically for solar applications with UV resistant insulation. They are supplied with pre-installed MC4 connectors for easy connection to the solar panels.


Battery & Inverter Cables 

The battery and inverter cables come with inline fuse and are pre-crimped with battery lugs for secure connection to the lithium ion battery bank.


Questions? Call, message or email us. We are here to help!

3000W Hybrid Solar Generator Kit for RVs, Boats, Cottages, 24V (2.56 to 6.4 kWh)

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