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The S32 Solar Collector is a flat plate solar thermal collector for residential domestic hot water, small commercial and industrial process hot water. It comes standard with the Thermo Dynamics Solar Boiler™ System.



Thermo Dynamics S32 flat plate liquid collectors are single glazed with low-iron tempered glass. The absorber consists of a single serpentine aluminum fin with an integral copper tube , which is completely surrounded by the aluminum and metal- lurgically bonded together. The back and sides are insulated with a 25 mm (1") layer of compressed fiberglass. The collector frame is extruded aluminum with a baked-enamel finish, (dark brown). Collector mounting is by way of a sliding bolt-track. Flush and racked collector mounting formats are easily accommodated.



  • "A" collector with 4 external connections (inlet, outlet, bypass tube)
  • "B" collector with 2 external connections (inlet, outlet)



  • factory installed temperature sensor well
  • absorber coatings: selective paint surface.


Inlet & Outlet Connections: 3/8" compression fittings



1.20 x 2.47 x 0.086 m
47-3/8 x 97-3/8 x 3-3/8 in 
Gross area: 2.98 m2 (32.1 ft2)
Aperture area: 2.78 m2 (30.0 ft2)
Absorber area: 2.87 m2 (30.9 ft2)
Volume: 0.389 liter (0.086 IG)



Net: 43.5 kg (96 lbs)
Shipping: 64 kg (140 lb) (includes wooden crate)



Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (SRCC) #100-2009-007A:

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan):



The solar collector absorber is warranted for a period of ten years. Repair allowances may also apply. The manufacturer may repair or replace the absorber as required at his discretion.



S32 Solar Collector, Flat Plate Thermal

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